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Hope & Healing 2022 |

ABOUT ERICSHOUSE: When Marianne Gouveia lost her son to suicide, there was nowhere to turn. It took months to find answers to begin the healing process. How could she move forward with her family, her friends, her work, and herself? How could she honor Eric and be happy again, find joy in her life again? Through love, education, determination, and a desire to change outcomes for other loss survivors, EricsHouse was born. EricsHouse is located in Scottsdale, AZ and we provide in-person and virtual online griefs support groups, education, and community involvement every week. For hope and healing, visit our website at

Today, we bring together a dedicated group of professionals, speakers, healers, volunteers, and loss survivors to share our messages of hope and healing.

Skip to 1:13:14 to check out Golden Heart’s live interview with Proze founder, Sanjeev. We talk about how to prep your week, simple healing, and we reveal what is in the mystery bag full of staples for on the go. We teach how to support yourself with addiction, healing and grief.

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