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💋TOXIC Beauty💄 | A Review of What We found Hiding in Our Expensive Makeup!

After doing some detective work, our findings were not what we hoped. We discovered products we were using for years had very toxic chemicals(such as asbestos) that can contribute to health issues like; hormone issues, weight gain, brain fog, digestive issues, skin issues and more!

Check out our video on what exactly we found, what the big deal is and what our plan of action is.

A quick tip that can help you when you shopping for makeup: if it has any of these ingredients when shopping, say no!

-Parabens (huge hormone disruptor and can lead to cancer)

-Talc (asbestos can be in them!)

-Cadmium (can affect the lungs and digestive system)

-Fragrance (can affect hormone and reproductive health)

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