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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are a complete system of healthcare and have resolved a wide array of conditions for thousands of years.  Robert Koagedal has the ability and experience to treat complex medical complaints. If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these conditions, there’s a good chance we can help. Schedule an appointment, and we will give you a complete evaluation and personalized course of treatment.




Hi everyone my name is Ben Fayah. I am the owner and personal trainer for Fayah Fitness. I was born in Liberia and moved to Phoenix 16 years ago. I have always been passionate about health and fitness in my personal life and decided to dedicate my professional life to it as well.  Growing up I loved being active by playing sports.  I played football, basketball, soccer, and track.  I still enjoy being active by playing pick up games, hiking, and doing anything outdoors.  About 8 years ago I worked for the AZ Cardinals football team as the assistant to the owner.  Seeing the players workouts gave me the bug to want to be a personal trainer.  I started off slow with teaching myself and then training my family and close friends.  Then 3 years ago I became a certified personal trainer through ASFA.  I’m an independent personal trainer based in the Phoenix area.  My goal is to help you achieve the results that you are looking for as well as giving you a positive lifestyle change.  I believe in helping anyone that wants to make that change.

Beth Pargas’ passion for dance and fitness has kept her moving for practically her entire life.  She has been dancing since 1985 and teaching since 1998.  Beth has trained in many genres including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. She has taught, choreographed, trained, and performed all over the United States.  Beth spent 6 years as the Artistic Director of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prescott, Arizona before making the move to the metro Phoenix area in 2012. Beth stays very busy teaching, training, choreographing, and performing throughout the valley. Whether it is a preschool ballet, Cardio Hip Hop, Pound, or a jazz class Beth loves that each day she is able to share her passion with others.


Saving Amy was founded with a mission to empower individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness by transforming lives through mentoring, teaching life skills, educational advancement, and financial stability through employment. 

The Saving Amy community knows how important it is to help foster continued healing, connect to resources, teach life skills, and nurture inner transformation. Through love and compassion we provide a supportive community that provides hope and encouragement.  Every person deserves a place, the dream of a better life, self-worth and dignity.  Saving Amy strives to create such a place.

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