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Keto Bacon Chicken Salad

Ingredients: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ( you can cook these yourself or grab a rotisserie chicken to make it easier)  2 slices of Bacon (I prefer the brand Applegate Farms, organic when possible) Parmesan  (to taste) 2 TSP Primal Kitchen Ranch  1/2 avocado  Roman Lettuce ( I like the brand Organic Girl)

Directions: -Cook Bacon till crispy, let cool. -Once bacon is cool, break up the pieces till they look like little crumbles to go on top of your salad. -Cut up romaine lettuce ( Note; you can leave whole and make these into wraps too) - Top Lettuce (cut or whole) with cut up chicken, bacon, avocado - Drizzle on ranch and Parmesan cheese  - Enjoy!

Notes: You can serve this either as a salad or a lettuce wrap, either will be delicious!

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